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Continuing Education for QMEs

According to the Qualified Medical Evaluator Regulations, you must complete 12 DWC approved continuing education credits every 24 months. You can get all of your credits through our program.

Elliott Lopez Publications, Inc has been an approved DWC Education Provider (Livingstone-Lopez Consulting #470) for over 18 years.

You are now allowed to reorder articles that you have used for credit in the past provided you have not used them in the last 24 months.

Our open book home study program is very simple and very competitively priced.
4 Articles (6 Credits) for $189, 8 Articles (12 Credits) for $358, and individual articles for $48 each.

Studying to become a QME? See recommended articles you can use for study materials BEFORE your exam and then for CE Credit AFTER you become a QME.

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What Material is Available?

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“Excellent course. my compliments! Well written, informative and easy to read. Probably the best QME CME I have taken over the years! Keep up the good work.”

Dr. Ali Soozani