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Continuing Education for QME Psychologists

Elliott Lopez Publications is CPA Accredited by the Office of Professional Development (OPD# LIV270) for psychological continuing education.


Although all of our articles are approved, we recommend the following articles for Psychologists:

15. Self-Referrals/Cross Referrals – The Rules 1.5 credits
19. AMA Guides – Introduction (Chris Brigham, M.D.) 1.5 credits
22. AMA Guides – The Pain Patient (by Richard Katz, M.D.) 1.5 credits
24. The Psychiatric Med-legal Evaluation (by David Reiss, M.D.) 1.5 credits
28. Substantial Evidence of Causation Apportionment (Pamela Foust, J.D.) 1.5 credits
29. Cumulative Trauma Injuries (by David Kizer, Esq.) 1.5 credits
30. QME Sanction Guidelines (DWC) 1.5 credits
32. Obesity: Complications in WC claims (Robert Neveln, M.D.) 1.5 credits
40. Privacy Compliance for Work Related Medical Issues(David Kizer, Esq.) 1.5 credits
43. Personality Structure and the Eval and Tx of Industrially 1.5 credits
Related Injuries – Severely Immature ( David M. Reiss, MD)
44. Personality Structure and the Eval and Tx of Industrially 1.5 credits
Related Injuries –Pseudo-Mature & Mature ( David M. Reiss, MD)
45. A Tale of Two Injuries: The Benson Decision (David Kizer, Esq.) 1.5 credits
46. A Defense Perspective on Almaraz/Guzman2 (R. M. Jacobsmeyer) 1.5 credits
55. First Aid: More Than a Band-Aid Explanation & How To Replace Panel QMEs 1.5 credits
56. Senate Bill 863 – Highlights for Qualified Medical Examiners 1.5 credits
58. The Medical-Legal Evaluation Process Under California Workers 1.5 credits
Compensation Law- After S.B. 863 (David Kizer, Esq)
60. Independent Medical Review – Navigating the New Industrial Medicine Matrix 1.5 credits
61,62,63 Med-Legal Evaluation Report Writing: Psychology/Psychiatry 4.5 credits
64. Medical Provider Networks 1.5 credits
67. Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (John Don, ESQ.) 1 .5 credits
72. Apportionment – An Update (David Kizer, Esq) 1.5 credits

BBS – California Board of Behavioral Sciences
The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts continuing education credit granted by the California Psychological Association or by any of its Approved Providers.

Our home study program is very simple and very competitively priced. 4 Articles (6 Credits) for $189, 8 Articles (12 Credits) for $358, and individual articles for $48 each.



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“Overall, these were an excellent review and I’m going to be making massive changes to my template based on the a) refresher info b) new info in these documents. 61-63 was by far the best and most helpful to me b/c it breaks down the report and common questions we QMEs have, but the DWC won’t put in writing.”

-Dr. V., Psychologist