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Our Program Approved for Chiropractors and Psychologists

TeachCE’s credits are now approved for CA Chiropractic continuing education credits per section 361 of the CA Chiropractic Regulations for up to 10 hours of continuing education and it is now certified by the California Board of Psychology
(OPD# LIV270) for psychological continuing education.

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Use our materials for study and get CE credits after you pass your QME exam!

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What Material is Available?

“Overall, these were an excellent review and I’m going to be making massive changes to my template based on the a) refresher info b) new info in these documents. 61-63 was by far the best and most helpful to me b/c it breaks down the report and common questions we QMEs have, but the DWC won’t put in writing.”
-Dr. V., Psychologist