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Registered Nurses

California Board of Registered Nursing accepts continuing education credit granted by the California Psychological Association (CPA).  Elliott Lopez Publications is CPA Accredited by the Office of Professional Development (OPD# LIV270) for psychological continuing education.

Our home study program is very simple and very competitively priced. 4 Articles (6 Credits) for $189, 8 Articles (12 Credits) for $358, and individual articles for $48 each.


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“I got all the materials and the certificate of completion by US Mail yesterday. Thank you very much. It has truly been a worthwhile educational experience. I found the study materials quite helpful, full of information, and easy. Please place me on your e-mail list for future continuing education. I will not have to submit continuing education credits for another 2 years but I would like to get a head start next time (versus waiting till the month before to submit proof of continuing education).
Thank you very much again. Take care. I will be happy to recommend your company to colleagues and other QMEs.”

Dr Shaul Saddick