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Educational Articles for Workers Comp Practice

Treating Physicians (PTP) recommended articles
19. AMA Guides – Introduction (Chris Brigham, M.D.) 1.5 credits
24. The Psychiatric Med-legal Evaluation (by David Reiss, M.D.) 1.5 credits
28. Substantial Evidence of Causation Apportionment (Pamela Foust, J.D.) 1.5 credits
29. Cumulative Trauma Injuries (by David Kizer, Esq.) 1.5 credits
37. Top Ten Problems in Reports (Robert Rassp, Esq & Judge Colleen Casey ) 1.5 credits
45. A Tale of Two Injuries: The Benson Decision (David Kizer, Esq.) 1.5 credits
50, 51, 52 The Comprehensive Medical Legal Evaluation Why and How 4.5 credits
(Walter Colvin & Dana Livingstone-Lopez) (50,51,52 is one long article)
53. Peripheral Nerve Disorders impairment Protocols Under the AMA Guides 1.5 credits
58. The Medical-Legal Evaluation Process Under California Workers 1.5 credits
Compensation Law- After S.B. 863 (David Kizer, Esq)
59. Evaluating Arthritic Conditions Impairment Protocols Under the AMA Guides 1.5 credits
Lower Extremity Impairment (Donald M. Pilger, Esq.)
64. Medical Provider Networks 1.5 credits
65, 66. Evaluating Shoulder Impairment 3 credits
68. Causation in CA Workers’ Compensation (Walter Colvin & Dana Lopez) 1.5 credits
72. Apportionment – An Update (David Kizer, Esq) 1.5 credits
73. Almaraz-Guzman Case Law and Analogy (Sherry German, CIR) 1.5 credits


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