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How to
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After you order and submit payment, you will receive a packet of your article selections (via mail or email depending on your choice when ordering)

After you receive your packet:

  1. Review the QME articles.
  2. Complete the quiz attached to each article.
  3. Return the answer sheets to us (by fax, email or mail)*.
  4. Your tests will be graded and the Certificates of Completion will be sent to you for tests passed
    (passing rate is 70% or above).

*To expedite processing, send all answer sheets together. You will then receive ONE certificate indicating all credits earned.

The best part of this program is that it is a home-study, distance learning QME program! You are able to easily complete your quizzes on your time, at your pace.

Continuing Education Credits

Each publication (article) and accompanying quiz is equal to 1.5 QME credits and now 1.5 State of California DC Licensure credits and 1.5 State of California Psychologist Licensure credits.

You may purchase individually, in a 6-credit block (4 articles), or in a 12-credit block (8 articles).
NOTE: If you choose to purchase individually, you will be able to select quantity.

About The Articles

Our publications give you pertinent information about California workers’ compensation disability evaluation-related issues in a convenient periodical format that will assist you in your report writing skills and overall knowledge of California workers’ compensation laws.

We strive to ensure that our periodical-format articles are beneficial for your QME practice and educational requirements as well as keeping you informed about the current issues in the field of Disability Evaluation & Treatment and Workers’ Compensation important to your medical practice.

Unlike other programs, the cost of our program includes articles, tests and QME certification – with no hidden fees.

If you have questions, our FAQ section may have the answers…
However, please feel free to contact us at 760.944.6769 or via email to info@teachce.com

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“Thanks I really enjoyed your program. Good information without being over the top complex.”

Dr. Chris Murray