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The psychologists’ role in the CA Work comp arena has changed over the years. Now, because of the MTUS and Chronic Pain guidelines, the role of psychological treatment in the context of work related injuries is widely accepted.

To treat injured workers’, a psychologist should know the CA Work Comp laws. TeachCE publications not only enhance the psychologist’s knowledge of CA WC by providing articles relevant specifically to the psychologist, but also by providing education about the system as a whole.

The articles can be used toward CPA continuing education credits as well as CA QME CA credits.

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“Overall, these were an excellent review and I’m going to be making massive changes to my template based on the a) refresher info b) new info in these documents. 61-63 was by far the best and most helpful to me b/c it breaks down the report and common questions we QMEs have, but the DWC won’t put in writing.”
-Dr. V., Psychologist