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QME Report Writing and AMA Impairment Assessment Training

QME Report Writing and AMA Impairment Assessment Training:

Private sessions available for individuals and groups, upon request.

We also offer distance-learning for the required 12-hr report writing course.

Contact Dana Livingstone-Lopez to arrange a course tailored for you.

We offer distance learning, live and hybrid options for the report writing course.
Please contact us for further information.


DWC-approved QME 12- hr. Report writing course
DWC Approved through Livingstone-Lopez Consulting, LLC – Educational Provider #2


QME’s/PreQME’s & PTPs
Register now for the QME exam – DATE TBD

You will want to attend this course if you are a physician who:

  • Is sitting for the next QME exam
  • Has passed the exam and needs this required class
  • Is a Primary Treating Physician who wants to improve his/her report writing skills
  • Is interested in increasing your referral base by becoming an expert in workers’ compensation issues and report writing
  • Prefers one 6-hour day seminar with 6 hours home study

You will learn:

  • The QME’s role in the Disability Evaluation Process
  • Elements of a Medical-Legal Report
  • The language of reports (pre- and post-SB899) including the old and new rating systems
  • The QME panel system (represented and unrepresented workers)
  • Rules and Regulations pertinent to your workers’ compensation practice (this will help with exam prep)
  • Recent Case Law affecting causation, apportionment, and impairment rating (Almaraz/Guzman III, analogizing, Benson, and more!


Featured Speakers:

Dana Livingstone-Lopez – Principal, Livingstone-Lopez Consulting; Principal, TeachCE, Inc. – a QME continuing education home study program, DWC Certified Education Provider #2 and #470

David Kizer, Esq. – Former DWC counsel; currently in private practice representing injured workers in CA workers’ compensation.

Sherry German – Certified Impairment Rating Specialist; Principal, TeachCE, Inc.



This course is certified by DWC Medical Unit for QME CE and the Pre-QME 12-hr disability evaluation report writing class



“I enjoyed your articles very much. They will make excellent references for some of the issues I wrestle with. Thank you. You are providing very clear and useful information that all QME’s will find useful.”
Dr. George Wu