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“I find the topics really insightful and helpful and I’ve been doing QME’s for over 20 years!”


Thank you for the articles! They were well written and a great selection for me as a psych QME. I continue to be impressed at how much I  get from your programs compared to the conferences I have attended with hyperbolic lawyers and bored physicians. I faxed my answers to you yesterday. I hope you can e-mail them to me.”
– Dr. Bartell

“Overall, these were an excellent review and I’m going to be making massive changes to my template based on the a) refresher info b) new info in these documents. 61-63 was by far the best and most helpful to me b/c it breaks down the report and common questions we QMEs have, but the DWC won’t put in writing.”

“Thanks for your quick response. You saved my life. I highly recommend your program and will use you in the future for my credits.”

“Thank you. You guys are great and I have recommended you to others.”

“Thanks I really enjoyed your program. Good information without being over the top complex.”

“I enjoyed your articles very much. They will make excellent references for some of the issues I wrestle with. Thank you. You are providing very clear and useful information that all QME’s will find useful.”

“Great information in a convenient format. Thank you for your prompt delivery and certification process.”

“It’s good to see such a broad range of topics offered and the ability to pick and choose the articles that are of interest to me… thank you for your prompt response and turnaround time.”

“I got all the materials and the certificate of completion by US Mail yesterday. Thank you very much. It has truly been a worthwhile educational experience. I found the study materials quite helpful, full of information, and easy. Please place me on your e-mail list for future continuing education. I will not have to submit continuing education credits for another 2 years but I would like to get a head start next time (versus waiting till the month before to submit proof of continuing education).
Thank you very much again. Take care. I will be happy to recommend your company to colleagues and other QMEs.”

“Excellent course. my compliments! Well written, informative and easy to read. Probably the best QME CME I have taken over the years! Keep up the good work.”

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